Helpful information for all excursions

1. Please ensure that the date on the excursion ticket is spelled correctly.

2. If you have changed room or hotel than what is stated on the ticket, please contact your hotel rep to change it with him.

3. All excursions are picked up in front of the entrance area of your hotel.

4. If you are picking up before 07:30, please report your wake-up call to reception by 21:00 and inquire about breakfast options.

5. For excursions with flights or overnight stays and for trips to the Sinai Peninsula, you need your passport. Please wear long trousers when visiting the monastery.

6. Drinks with meals are not included in the price.

7. Please do not leave any valuables (camera, money, etc.) on the bus during the tour.

8. Please bring: water bottles, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a hat and a pillow for long journeys.

9. For excursions that last until the evening, you will need something to cover up.

10. When picking up the desert and snorkel excursions you will be given a security form that you should read and sign.

11. For the quad and safari excursions: the guests who suffer from back pain or spinal/intervertebral disc problems and the women who are pregnant are not allowed to participate in such an excursion.

12. Please inform your tour guide in good time in the event of a cancellation or rebooking. Rebooking on the excursion day for long excursions (except by plane or ferry) costs €10 per person, short excursions cost €6 per person.

13. For cancellations after booking, the agency reserves the following cancellation fees:

14. In case of cancellation and refund, you must give both copies to the tour guide.

15. We reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary at short notice, but of course the character of the excursion will remain fully intact.

16. For some excursions, fees are payable locally.

Excursion Cancellation Fees
All excursions by plane or ferry (Cairo, Luxor or St. Catherine's Monastery) 80%
All other trips 50%
Shopping Tour 100% Non-refundable

The local agency is responsible for organization and implementation Cairo Express Travel Enjoy your trip