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    In the early morning hours, you will be picked up from the hotel and you will head towards the Nile to visit one of the best perserved temples of Egypt, the Dendera temple. The Temple of Hathor at Dendera, on the Nile north of Luxor, is one of the latest Egyptian temples. It is dedicated to the wife of the god Horus, it was built in the Roman times and its decorations include Roman emperors alongside Egyptian gods. Next you will have a lunch break on a 5* Nile cruiseship in Luxor. In the end you will visit the beautiful temple of Luxor. It is a magnificent example of Egyptian ancient structural and architectural temple art. The temple served as a celebration hall of the god Amun. Every year the Opet celebration was used to take place here.The main procession started from Karnak temple and finished here at Luxor temple.The temple was built by Amenhotep 3rd about 1400 BC. Rich in many new experiences, after this visit you will return to the hotel.

    Includes: entrances and lunch.